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The Institut Pasteur and the Cnam have pooled their expertise to create the School of Public Health. Courses offered by the Cnam (biostatistics, economics, health law, analysis of the politics of health, non-infectious health risks) are complemented by instruction from the Institut Pasteur (epidemiology, infectious health risks), which together constitute an educational experience of the highest caliber - and one that is solidly anchored in the professional world.

A diverse student body with numerous opportunities

Auditeurs en coursDoctors, veterinarians, pharmacists, workers at NGOs and international organizations, development specialists, personnel in the agricultural and pharmaceutical industries, chemists, local government workers, health engineers, geographers, hospital administrators, economists, sociologists ... the diversity of profiles and experiences of the student body allows for enriching exchanges and reinforces synergy among the skills acquired . [...]
The specialized Master's program in public health [PDF - 340 Ko], accredited by the Conférence des Grandes écoles (CGE), can attest to expertise in a broad range of disciplines:
  • history of public health,
  • epidemiology: measuring risk, different types of epidemiological studies, detecting the most common sources of bias
  • statistical tools for analyzing biomedical data: describing variables, testing hypotheses, comparing groups, predictive models, multivariate analyses
  • micro- and macro-economics, law, sociology
  • health policies
  • quantitative evaluation


  • New global health course ◊ Introduction to Global Health: Context, Needs and Challenges 

    Introduction to Global Health: Contexts, Needs and Challenges is a new course offered by the Pasteur Cnam School of Public Health. It is aimed at students and professionals interested in public health and development and will provide them with a thorough understanding of the state of global health, and with tools and methods for analysis, conception and strategy implementation.

  • Pasteur Institute and the Cnam ◊ Welcome to the Vaccinology MOOC 

    The objective of this course is to offer an integrated overview of vaccinology, from public health and scientific data justifying the development of a vaccine, to its delivery to the populations in the context of industrialized and developing countries.