Description of internships and the process of writing a thesis

imageStudents' internships will last 4 to 6 months (30 ECTS credits) in accord with the objectives defined with the internship director.  The internship will serve as a period of preparation for a professional-style Master's thesis, which will count for half of the final grade for the Master's program.

In principle, the internship takes place from June to December, shortly followed by the thesis defense.  In the case of internships taking place in professional settings, modifications to this timeframe may be permitted. 

Internships are chosen in function of students' chosen specialization and their envisaged career path.  Most students will find themselves oriented toward the following types of organizations: 

  • Recherche en biotechnologieNewly-created national and regional health agencies
  • Research institutions working on social and life sciences
  • Health care establishments
  • Government departments and ministries working on health, the economy, industry, land use management, the environment ...
  • Decentralized government bodies
  • Health insurance organizations (medical advisers, risk managers), private health care insurance, and other complementary insurers
  • The para-governmental sector
  • Local governments:  cities, departments/states, regions ...
  • Industry groups:  food industry, water, waste management, oceanic, energy, pharmaceutical, biomedical, cosmetics ...
  • Major press and communication organizations
  • Insurance organizations
  • Hospitals and networks of healthcare providers
  • Businesses offering specific services to local authorities (e.g. studies and research)